Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Trancetastic Mix 100: Descendent of Titans: 3 hour Uplifting Power Trance Special.

Trancetastic Mix 100: Descendent of Titans: 3 hour Uplifting Power Trance Special.

Artist: Kabbage1977
Title of the Compilation: Trancetastic Mix 100.
Date of Recording: [09/08/11]
Time: 3:16:51
Bit Rate/File Format: 128 kbps Mp3
File Size: 180.3 MB
Equipment Used: Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk2/ DJM 600.
Genre: Uplifting/ Tech Trance.

Hello and good day! here we go, Trancetastic Mix 100!

1: After All (Original Intro Mix) - Ion Blue [Trance All-Stars Recording]
2: Shadows The Sun (Daniel Kandi's Bangin Mix) - Julian Vincent feat. Jessie Morgan [Spinin Recordings]
3: Low Winter Sun (Sulaco Remix) - Priority One [Upbeat music]
4: Onyx (Original mix) - RONNY K pres ADVANCED [Shar Recording]
5: Blazed (Original Mix) - Ico [Silent Shore Recordings]
6: Life Is Short (Ronny K Emotion Remix) - Nianaro [Nukleuz recording]
7: Undefined Mysteries (Dj Gard Extended Remix) - Luca De Maas [Terminal 1 Recordings]
8: Abstract Distance (Original Mix) - Taras Bazeev & Andrew Stets [Time Fusion Recordings]
9: Es Vedra (Original Mix) - Asteria [Oceanus Recordings]
10: Time To Rest 2011 (Original Mix) - Andy Blueman [Perpective Recordings]
11: Dream Way 2011 (Faruk Sabanci & Nurettin Colak Remix) - Dereck Recay [Redux Recordings]
12: Athene (Extended Mix) - John Waver [Trance All-Stars Recordings]
13: Invisible Walls (Trance Arts Remix) - Nektarios Mees Kirsty Hawkshaw & Jan Johnston [High Contrast: Nu Breed]
14: Vega (Aimoon Remix) - Nick Sparkle [Radio Record label]
15: Lost Temple (Original Mix) - Martin Libsen [Silent Shore Recordings]
16: Flying Bird (Original Mix) - TBC & N&R Project [Defcon Recordings]
17: There & Back (Original Mix) - Space Garden [Diverted Music]
18: Anywhere But Here (Bjorn Akesson Remix) - Orjan Nilsen Feat Neev Kennedy [Armarda Music]
19: It Will Be Ok (Arctic Moon Remix) - Aly And Fila Feat. Catherine Crow [Armarda Digital]
20: Only For You (Arctic Moon Remix) - Ahmed Romel [Blue Soho Recordings]
21: Under The Stars (Original Mix) - DJ Gard [Cloudless Records]
22: Theme From Defcon (TrancEye 2011 Remix) - Defcon Audio [Defcon Recordings]
23: Enchanted In Time (TrancEye Remix) - Dominik Dudek pres Astral Forteness [Diverted Music]
24: Nature (Simon O'Shine Remix) - Sergey Nevone [Defcon Recordings]
25: A World Of Trance (Original Mix) - ReOrder pres Group Number One [Silent Shore Recordings]
26: Landscape (Vol Deeman Remix) - A.R.D.I. [Harmonic Breeze Recordings]
27: Gate 4 (Hoyaa Remix) - Angel Ace [Only One Records]
28: Kashmir (Simon O'Shine Remix) - Conrad Winged & Ascania [Infected Identity]
29: Magical Journey (DK Project Epic Mix) - Vinid [Motion Beat]
30: Lift (Pete Silver Remix) - James Minas [Only One Records]

Click and enjoy!

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Thank you for listening, have a Wonderful Week..Peace!!

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