Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Pizz@dox - Sequence (Inc SoundLift/ Double V/ Six Senses/ Gary Afterlife Mixes) - [Abora Recordings] Release 23 Sept, 2012

With his first full release on Abora RecordingsPizz@dox lands with the catchy track titled "Sequence". The melodic patterns of this track have a simple yet powerful progression.

SoundLift returns once again for what may be the last uplifting trance track of his career. He has written a classy uplifting breakdown with a mix of beautiful piano melody with atmospheric vocal sounds and an energetic arpeggio to top it off.

DoubleV returns with their fast-driving style in a powerful uplifting remake. The synth hits really pop and the overall mixing has that crisp style that you would expect from artists like John O'Callaghan or Sean Tyas.

Six Senses brings a techier trance interpretation that combines some edgy supersaws with a euphoric pluck melody that is sure to make listeners take notice.

Gary Afterlife is becoming a real staple of the Abora Recordings label and has once again delivered some fine work in an uplifting/tech trance style remix.

1. Pizz@dox - Sequence (Original Mix)
2. Pizz@dox - Sequence (SoundLift Remix)
3. Pizz@dox - Sequence (DoubleV Remix)
4. Pizz@dox - Sequence (Six Senses Remix)
5. Pizz@dox - Sequence (Gary Afterlife Remix)

Pizz@dox - Sequence (Original Mix)

Pizz@dox - Sequence (SoundLift Remix)

Pizz@dox - Sequence (DoubleV Remix)

Pizz@dox - Sequence (Gary Afterlife Remix)

Note: This Release pack is due to be released on the 23 Sept, 2012, but i cannot find it on the portal services, so Release is at TBA Status.

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