Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Aeris feat Jess Morgan - What Do You F (Paul Moelands & Robert Nickson Original Mix) [A&R Recordings/ Amsterdam Trance] Release (TBA)

This song is a real labour of love written together by Dominic Filopei, Bo Pericic (otherwise known as the excellent - Filo & Peri), Eric Lumiere (the phenomenal "Anthem" vocalist and co-writer), Jess Morgan (featured on Armin's "Love Too Hard" and a wonderful singer by her own right), Adrian Broekhuyse, Raz Nitzan (the adrian Raz Recordings team), Paul Moelands (Re:Locate) and Robert Nickson - the last two are in fact Aeris

It takes a lot to carry on
It takes a lot to know you
It shakes my heart awake in the dark
It takes a lot to tell you

Before this twilight meets the dawn
Your arms open
I'm here where I belong
This road is going one way
Things look different in the light of day
And I think I need to know

What do you feel when I'm gone
When the stars go out
The stars go

What do you feel when I'm wrong
And the truth begins to shine

How does it feel to scream my name
In a world so dark
A world so

What does it take to face the day
When the lights come up
When it's all so real again

Notation: A & R Recordings

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