Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Anthony Turner (Kabbage1977) Biography

Anthony Turner (Born 1977 Bury, Greater Manchester, England) is an up and coming new Trance Producer and Dj. My passion for Trance music Started in the early 90's as Trance music was being born, listening to tracks from such artists like Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Van Dyke, Gary D. (the list can go on), following at venues such as Fantazia, Helterskelter, Dreamscape (many rave type venues) through to Goodgreef and Godskitchen, up to 2003 where i started to DJ Trance music.
The passion didn't stop there, i wanted more from DJing, i wanted to Dj my own material, this led me to Education.
September 2004 was the start of Music Education, starting at Oldham College studying Music Technology to move me on to higher Education.
September 2006 was the time to carry on developing my skills in Music Technology. Leeds Metropolitan University was the new place of study, studying Creative Music and Sound Technology for Bachelor Honours Degree in Science.
2010 was the time to work and buy studio gear, working hard to rase the capital to buy new studio toys, while continuing making Uplifting Trance mix sets to Publish on networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc.
2012, will be the foreseeing of Uplifting Trance tracks produced by myself in prospects of perusing a career in the Music Industry, while creating more of a following (work in progress).
Favourite Toys:
Apple Mac Pro's (desk top & laptop), Access Virus TI, M- Audio Project mix i/o, Dynaudio BM 6a Studio monitors, Pioneer 1000 CDJ mk 2 *2 DJM 600.
Cubase 4, Wavelab, Kontakt 4, Max Msp 5, Pure Data, GMR Tools, iZotope Ozone 4.
Wish List:
Vintage hardware synths.
Roland JUNO 6.
Korg MS 20.
Fav old skool tracks:
The First Rebirth (Original mix) - Jones & Stephenson
District Of Power (Club Mix) - Cocooma
Lost in Love (Original mix) - Legend B
Feel (Legend B Remix) - Cenith
and many more!!
Fav tunes of 2012:
Gareth Emery Feat Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (John O'Callaghan Remix) - [Garuda]
Conrad Winged & Ascania - Lighthouse (Martin Libsen Remix) - [Infected Identity/ Allusion]
Trance Arts & Sonic Element - Reformation (Original Mix) - [Perfecto Fluoro]
Ozo Effy - Endless World (Original Mix) - [Inov8 Recordings]
Stonevalley - Hybrid - [Enhanced Recordings]
I am also running a weekly Uplifting Power Trance session called Trancetastic Mix Sessions.

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