Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Marcioz Pollack - Eight9 (Original Mix) - [Pulsar Recordings] Release 26 Sept, 2012

Marcioz Pollack - Eight9 **Forthcoming on Sept 26th

‘Eight9’, Marcioz Pollack’s debut release on Pulsar Recordings, is an ominous tune that is filled with tension and dark energy from beginning to end. Starting with the bass-heavy sounds, the track builds up very slowly, and the uplifting melody rises from the dueling sounds like a phoenix ascending from the ashes, spreading its wings and soaring away. But after a short trip, everything comes slowly crashing back down, leaving the listeners craving for more.
Release/catalogue number: PULSAR054
Release date: Sep 26, 2012 

Notation: Pulsar Recordings.

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