Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Trancetastic: Kabbage1977 TFI Guest Mix. [Date of Recording 02/08/2012]

Trancetastic: Kabbage1977 TFI Guest Mix. [Date of Recording 02/08/2012]

Artist: Kabbage1977
Title of the Compilation: Trancetastic: Kabbage1977 TFI Guest Session.
Date of Recording: [02/08/12]
Time: 1:55:54
File Size: 265.3 MB
Bit Rate/File Format: 320 kbps Mp3
Equipment Used: Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk2/ DJM 600.
Genre: Uplifting/ Tech Trance.

Hello and good day! here we go, Trancetastic: Kabbage1977 TFI Guest Session!

1: Simon Patterson - Within (Original Mix) - [Night Vision/ Spinnin Records]
2: Sly One Vs. Jurrane - Second Summer (Original Mix) - [Discover Records]
3: Snatt & Vix Feat. Denise Rivera - Here For The Rush (Tomas Heredia Uplifting Dub) - [A&R Recordings/ Amsterdam Trance]
4: Jimmy Chou - Stardust Memory (Original Mix) - [Diverted Music]
5: Solarstone & Elizabeth Fields - Speak In Sympathy (Mike Shivers Catch Sun Remix) - [Armada Music]
6: Free Gate - Hymn (Araya & Wach Remix) - [Silent Shore Records]
7: Aron H - Stargate (Mike Oceanic's Emotional Remix) - [Promind Recordings]
8: Estigma - Deception (Mike van Fabio & Araya Remix) - [Diverted Music]
9: A.R.D.I. & Ren - Infinity (Original Mix) - [Arisa Audio]
10: Mike Van Fabio - Sacred Lake (Original Mix) - [Nile Tunes Recordings]
11: August Vila - Innocence (Original Mix) - [Extended Music]
12: Michele Cecchi - Isla Dorada (Original Mix) - [Trance All-Stars]
13: Judge Jules & Corderoy - Give Me A Reason (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) - [Vandit]
14: Onova - Nuance (Original Mix) - [Ncore Records]
15: Chris Metcalfe - Curveball (Original Mix) - [Subculture/Armada Music]
16: Arctic Moon - Starships Over Alice (Paul Webster Remix) - [Future Sounds Of Egypt/ Armada Music]
17: Indecent Noise - Phobia (Bryan Kearney Remix) - [Mental Asylum Records]
18: Arctic Sound - Fable (Thomas G Remix) - [Trance All-Stars]
19: Right Face - Zero Gravity (Original Mix) - [Digital Society/ Enhanced Recordings]
20: Sergey Shabanov - Bliss (Original Mix) - [Unearthed Records]
21: Dart Rayne - Sophia (Ucast Remix) - [Trance All-Stars]

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Thank you for listening, have a Wonderful Week..Peace!!

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