Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Trancetastic Mix 160: 2 Hour Energised Uplifting Trance Madness 36.

Trancetastic Mix 160: 2 Hour Energised Uplifting Trance Madness 36.

Artist: Kabbage1977
Title of the Compilation: Trancetastic Mix 160.
Date of Recording: [29/10/12]
Time: 1:01:00
File Size: 139.7 MB
Bit Rate/File Format: 320 kbps Mp3
Equipment Used: Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk2/ DJM 600.
Genre: Uplifting/ Tech Trance.

Hello and good day! here we go, Trancetastic Mix 160!

1: Sou Kanai - All The Time (Original Mix) - [Infrasonic Recordings]
2: N'Heaven - Raffaella (Ikerya Project Remix) - [Silent Shore Records]
3: Mark Dreamer - Black Stone (Araya Remix) - [Lifted Sounds Records]
4: Mark Rustell - Remember When (Original Mix) - [Promo: Release 31 Oct, 2012 Pulsar Recordings]
5: Martin Libsen - Close Encounters (Original Mix) - [Defcon Recordings]
6: Cart - Port Of Sorrow (tranzLift Emotional Remix) - [Defcon Recordings]
7: Max Stealthy - Forest (Khazzen Remix) - [Promo: Release 05 Nov, 2012 Linger Records]
8: Tonny Nesse - 7th Wonder (Original Mix) - [Future Sounds Of Egypt/ Armada Music]
9: Function C Pres. Keelin Temple - The Rabbit Hole (Original Mix) - [Crystal Source/ Unearthed Records]
10: Paul Gibson - Manhattan Project (Original Mix) - [Crystal Source/ Unearthed Records]
11: Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Eternal Flame (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Reach Out For The Stars Mix) - [A State Of Trance/ Armada Music]
12: Alexpada - When Friends Return (Vlind Remix) - [Only Trance Records]
13: A.M.R. - Bliss (Kaimo Kerge Remix) - [Perceptive Recordings]
14: Sou Kanai - Make Believe (Original Mix) - [Infrasonic Recordings]
15: John Newall - Dropkick (Original Mix) - [Mental Asylum Recordings]
16: Tonny Nesse - Hole In The Sky (Arctic Moon Remix) - [Future Sounds Of Egypt/ Armada Music]
17: Martin Libsen - Ozonosphere (Original Mix) - [Defcon Recordings]
18: Maria Healy - Salla Torres (Original Mix) - [Nu-Depth Recordings]
19: Decca T feat. Danny Claire - Say Hello (Undercontrol Remix) - [TFB Records]
20: K-Skye - You're Not Alone (Original Mix) - [Exclusive]





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Thank you for listening, have a Wonderful Week..Peace!!

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