Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nagijuana - Rising From The Ashes (Inc. Original/ Alexey Ryasnyansky & Ancientmind Mixes) - [Pulsar Recordings] Release 03 Oct, 2012

Following the release of ‘Levitate’ last year, Nagijuana returns to Pulsar with another new trance single.
‘Rising From The Ashes’ is a banging tune from its very beginning, with an electrifying bass that accompanies the heavy kicks, and pads that rise rapidly and lead to the easing in of the synth that is full of tension.The melody in this track is an emotional but understated one… until the breakdown, where it rises to prominence and rings and echoes before the synth and beats kick back in.
The Alexey Ryasnyansky remix, on the other hand, starts with a slow rise, until, in one instant, all the sounds drop and dance in harmony. This version of the track is characterized by a very sharp melody that pierces through all the other elements, and breath-taking string instruments that accompany it in the breakdown.
The Ancient Mind remix of this single is a faster, more energetic tune that is led by a driving bass, with underlying echoes, and a more emotional breakdown.
Release/catalogue number: PULSAR055
Release date: Oct 3, 2012 

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