Trancetastic Artwork!

Trancetastic Artwork!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Outer Space - Time Is Worth (Matson Remix) [Diverted Music] Release (TBA)

Hello chicken's nice to meet you once again. The track that caused such a stir over at the Luminosity Beach Festival after-party this year is finally landing on your digital doorsteps! Maciej Kosmowski aka Outer Space presents his finest piece of work to date with a selection of remixes that will enhance your tougher sets tenfold. A delicate string orchestral breakdown with a gorgeous "happy" melody to put a smile on any clubbers face. Quality!

On remixes this time round, Araya just can't say "No" to a remix for us, and its easy to see...because he keeps on delivering quality tunes for us. This remix was not only heralded by Sean Tyas as his track of the week on Tytanium Sessions 153, he also slammed the Araya remix at Luminosity's after-party this year, with some lucky devil whipping out his camera getting some nice reaction footage. It was this footage that kept people guessing, and once they heard it was being released on Diverted, they knew it was something quite special. Check out Araya's remix for a serious piece of main room trance.

We salute you Jimmy Chou! Before he went off to serve his country, he had the time to remix a banger for us. Definately one for the harder/techier DJ's out there.

Finally we have Matson...and boy is this guy going to shine over the coming weeks, we already knew what talent this guy has, which is why we've already snapped up one of his singles!

Time is always worth folks...remember that!

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